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Stag Energy is an independent UK based company providing expertise and management services to innovative energy development projects in the rapidly evolving electricity and gas sectors.


The company’s primary business focus lies with gas-fired power generation, standby electricity generation, underground gas storage and associated infrastructure. As the structure of energy markets evolve to incorporate an increasing proportion of intermittent renewable generation, Stag Energy is also assessing the potential to utilise gas storage technology for energy storage, and fossil fuel power generation schemes, including carbon neutral power generation plants to enable electricity supply to follow demand.


Stag Energy works with partner companies wishing to invest in the UK and European energy markets, and who wish to ensure assets are structured to accommodate financing and the management of commercial risk.

0131 550 3380


Stag Energy is developing projects in the UK, in the following areas:


Power Generation: Building on extensive experience in this sector, Stag Energy is managing the development of new open cycle gas fired peaking plant and emergency standby generation prospects at a number of sites in England and Wales.


Gas Storage: Facilities in recognition of the increasing demand for energy price insurance and security of supply.


Alternative Energy: With knowledge and experience in power generation, transmission and underground storage, Stag Energy is progressing forward initiatives to assist in modulating energy supply from intermittent renewable resources


Transmission Systems: Stag Energy brings project development expertise to ensure a secure infrastructure is available to convey a produced energy to the point of use


Key Initiatives



Watt Power is an energy infrastructure development and operating company. Its purpose is to develop and own energy projects related to power generation. Development activities include the sourcing of new energy prospects, securing of consents and property rights, negotiation of commercial and financial arrangements and the preparation for construction and operations.


Watt Power has been seeking to develop a portfolio of small, flexible power projects to support the security of electricity supply in England and Wales since 2012.  The principle focus of these efforts has centred on the development of two 300MW gas-fired generation projects in wholly-owned subsidiary companies Progress Power and Hirwaun Power.  These projects participated in the 2015 Capacity Market Auction but were unsuccessful in securing contracts.


Watt Power’s subsidiary company, Prime Energy, has focused on small-scale distributed generation projects.  Seven Prime Energy projects were successful in the 2015 Capacity Market Auction, and subject to their raising construction finance, are targeted to be built in time to meet their Capacity Mechanism commitment in 2019, at the latest.  Each 20 MW project will provide short-run back-up generation to the Grid, at times when electricity demand is at its highest – normally during winter weekday evenings.





Gateway Storage Company Ltd has secured the necessary permits, consents and land agreements to build an underground natural gas storage facility in the East Irish Sea, approximately 25 km (15 miles) offshore, south west of Barrow-in-Furness. Subsurface analysis and engineering design work have been concluded in support of a storage facility developed in bedded salt approximately 1,000m below the seabed. Gas would be delivered, stored and then returned the UK´s national transmission system to provide enhanced security of UK gas supplies and increase consumer protection from disruptions and price spikes in the international gas market.


Gateway is one of the most mature gas storage development prospects and is well positioned to respond to demand for UK gas price insurance and gas security, plus future demand for underground energy storage using Synthetic Natural Gas.




0131 550 3380



George Grant

George founded Stag Energy in 2002 to focus on asset origination, development and optimisation within the UK gas value chain. Prior to the establishment of Stag Energy, George was Senior Vice President with InterGen, overseeing the creation of a 17,000MW global generation portfolio between 1994-2002. His responsibilities included being Regional Executive for Europe, Africa and Middle East, with a $6bn investment portfolio, following four years as the Asia Pacific Regional Executive based in Hong Kong.


In the last 5 years George has engaged with the UK Government to help create a regulatory environment which will underpin security of energy supplies and encourage new investment in both gas generation and gas storage. In conjunction with other asset developers, finance providers and industrial consumers he has demonstrated to policy makers and policy influencers the importance of Government providing the appropriate regulatory framework to support new infrastructure investment in the gas to power chain (eg the UK capacity market) to ensure lower carbon emissions and cost-effective security of supply.


George holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Durham University, a Masters in Business Administration from Cranfield School of Management and a Diploma in Finance and Accounting from City of London University.


Andrew Stacey

Andrew brings an unparalleled experience from the oil, gas and power generation industries, along with an enviable record of innovation in research and development. He is a founding director of Stag Energy with more than 25 years’ experience working with oil and gas majors. He has been responsible for and actively involved in all aspects of project origination, management and delivery, including compliance with latest regulations.


Andrew holds a BSc from Nottingham University, and an MSc and PhD from Durham University.


Norman Campbell

Before joining Stag Energy, Norman was Director of Brindisi LNG for BG Group where he was responsible for the negotiation and execution of an €500 million LNG terminal EPC contract, as well as heading joint venture management teams in Milan, Rome, Genoa and Paris. From 1995 to 2003, Norman worked with InterGen as Vice President, Construction and Operations. His responsibilities included project development appraisal, HSSE, engineering, construction project management and plant operations. Norman’s achievements at InterGen included the delivery of a 2,500MW portfolio in the UK, the successful negotiation of 3,500 MW of projects with Turkish authorities delivered ahead of schedule and under budget, along with groundbreaking projects in the Netherlands and Egypt. As part of the regional executive committee, Norman had a key role in the growth of and strategic alliances created within InterGen.


Norman holds a BSc in Technology and Business Studies from Strathclyde University and completed a Construction Management Course at Cranfield.


Chris McKerrow

Chris joined Stag Energy in 2007 after seven years at InterGen, working on power station development. He was subsequently part of the commercial execution team, trading in the gas, power and carbon markets, before being given responsibility for contract commercial negotiations, business planning and financial analysis.


Chris is the Development Director for Progress Power, Millbrook Power and Abergelli Power and is responsible for the planning aspects of all Watt Power developments.


Habby Lyons

With a background in finance and accounting from her native Iceland, Habby joined Stag Energy in 2006 and oversees the company’s finance, administration and communications functions. She has an MBA degree from the University of Edinburgh.


Susannah Crawford

Susannah joined Stag Energy as legal director in 2005, having worked in the oil and gas industry since 1990. After qualifying as a solicitor Susannah spent a further year with McKenna & Co within their corporate department and joined the legal department of BHP Petroleum in 1990. Within BHP she gained extensive experience of exploration and development work in oil and gas projects within the UK and Europe. Susannah has subsequently worked in a variety of legal and commercial roles on oil/gas field developments in the North Sea and internationally. Susannah holds a degree in Law from the University of Kent at Canterbury.


Murray Davies

Murray joined Stag Energy in 2010 after graduating from The University of Edinburgh with an honours degree in Physics, where he specialised in sub atomic, nuclear and quantum physics.


Since joining Stag, Murray has helped establish the Watt Power initiative and Project Managed the development of the Hirwaun Power gas-fired generation project through to commercialisation.


He has trained in project finance and financial modelling which he uses as a platform to provide focus to Stag Energy initiatives and projects in relation to finance, markets and regulation.


Kirstin Gardner

Following several years’ experience in the small wind energy sector, Kirstin joined Stag Energy in 2013 as part of its project management team. Kirstin was appointed as Project Manager for the Progress Power project, guiding the project through the DCO Examination Phase. In her former roles, Kirstin has overseen the planning for approximately 200 small wind turbine installations across the UK and provided support to installation management teams. She graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Chinese and Korean Studies.


Collette King

Collette joined Stag Energy in 2016 and is a masters qualified business advisor with over 16 years experience of business support in various industries, including working as a business mentor at Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce. Collette supports the Stag Energy management team across its various projects.


Nick Johnson

Nick joined Stag Energy as a Project Manager in 2013. He has a strong background in research having completed a Ph.D. in geophysics at Edinburgh University. His previous project work includes geothermal exploration in Sri Lanka and studies of plate tectonics at divergent boundaries. Nick also draws on knowledge of the energy sector from his undergraduate work also in geophysics, which has given him a very sound understanding of numeracy and data analysis.


Adam Heffill

Adam joined Stag Energy in 2014 following a number of analytical roles across the energy sector, including electricity network research and development as well as renewable energy development. He graduated with an MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems from Edinburgh University in 2011, building on a background of undergraduate work in physics at the University of Oxford as well as international business journalism.


Kate Wilson

Kate graduated from the University of Glasgow with a BSc in Geography in 2014, with a focus on geomorphology and GIS mapping. She joined Stag in summer 2014 dealing with key stakeholder engagement on the Hirwaun Power Project, since January 2015 she has been dedicated to project management in Prime Energy.


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